Since your Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy is THE BEST and a pattern-based learning system based on your Infiniteness of One Theorem; explain pi (π), it is infinite, yet without repetition or pattern. 


Yes, it is the best!  Ivy League or any school, what I’m going to tell you, you’ll find at no school.  My brother is an Ohio State University educated physicist and as a professor; he, like other “educated” persons would not be properly educated to provide my response to your statement. 


A very short, very simplistic exposition based upon my Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy and its Infiniteness of One Theorem?  You’re asking for a lot, but here goes….. 


The Tau Manifesto argues that Pi is a confusing and unnatural choice for circle algebraic apostates, in which; Tau is represented as, 2π.  I postulate that the linear and circular are one and the same in Nature, as this pedagogy is Nature-based, as it is beyond the logical exposition of natural science (physics).  I’ll explain why. 


To look at light, it’s both a particle and a wave; now, let’s look at a line, it is "also" both a point (particle) and a line (wave) -  “For a line as a continuation of a point, just as light.” 

The questions are: 

1.      How long is a line? 

2.      How round is a circle? 

3.      Can a line be a circle? 

4.      Can a circle be a line? 

I postulate, a line represents both; a point and a circle, and Pi is the linear of a circle and Tau is the circle of a line.  A circle is complete (Tau) and a line is infinite (Pi) .


Fact:  In Nature, there is no such thing as a half, a half is a human concept of logic, like time.  Nature doesn’t produce a half apple or half human; it only deals in wholes, like a one-sided sheet of paper. One is a whole of one hundred and one hundred is merely one hundred whole ones.  Everything from one, regardless of how immensely large or infinitely small. 


The answers: 

1.      Pi defines the line of a circle. 

2.      Tau defines the circle of a line.  


Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy Definitions: 

Linear is - circles as geometric straight lines

Circular is - lines as geometric circle lines

Linear and circular are geometric representations of the same thing in Nature and the Infiniteness of One Theorem; they are actually geometrically “one” and the same.   


{Religion}: Pi represents God.

{Science}: Tau represents Man.   





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